Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics & 10to8 Online Booking System Integration

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an industry standard freemium web and mobile analytics package.

With the Google Analytics tracking code implemented on your 10to8 online booking page, you can see important insights about the visitors landing here. Wave goodbye to the guessing game and see accurate data about your audience.

How it works

If you want to start tracking visits to your booking page and how many customers end up booking an appointment, you can use our Google Analytics integration. To set this up, you must have an account with Google Analytics.

** Cross-Domain Tracking: ** 10to8 can work alongside Google Analytics and ensure tracking across different domains. This means that, if you are running a Google Ads campaign and have a landing page on your site, you can track those users from the landing page, through the 10to8 booking flow and to the booking. Even though your website and the 10to8 booking page are hosted on different domains.

Use cases

  • Understand visitor behavior on your online booking page
  • Analyze visitors moving within your properties such as your landing pages and online booking site
  • Run Google Ads campaigns using the extra insights you gain

Google Analytics features

  • Track Page View and service booking events
  • Analyze cross-domain behavior
  • Create Google Analytics goals and sync them to Google Ads as conversions

Google Analytics listing screenshots

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